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Our country, Brazil, is a economic country with many social problems, politicians and. We have the first one and the room world in one alone country and this contrast in dislikes them very.

Is not rare to see a Brazilian dressing a cap, a shirt, with the American flag. Worse, it also has those that idolatram the other country and lower its proper one.

Our country has everything pra to be the best one of the world. It has a glad and diligent people, a wonderful nature, an excellent climate...

If our country is with problems we must in matching to decide them them. The solution is in the union of all we. Nobody can make of our country the best a not to be we ourselves, the Brazilians!

We cannot wait that somebody makes something for us because they will not make it (and nor is necessary to explain for what!. All Brazilian it knows its past upper-class, its gift and its future that, the route that the things are taking, seems not to be so promising).

But we can change this! We go to give the best one of we ourselves for our country, to hug the causes in mass of cells r of less the most favored, to protect the nature! Brazil is the country of the future, and the future if it makes in the gift. We go to the fight! Matched we will win all the obstacles!

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Has pride of being BRAZILIAN






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