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Tr1pl3 S31S

To my crew: this is my formal resignation. thanks for letting me be part of your team. i really learned alot. stealthm0de316 you are the elite and don't even know it(you the man). parano1a, the name says it all(thanks for the pw's). Anti_Taco, your up next. and if you guys need any work to be put in, let me know. i'd also like to give big besitos to my mujer celeste(your a dime and i'm keepin you!). also, to my boy repe4t, i love you like a brother and i got your back till the day i die.

Crazy shouts to stealthm0de316, parano1a, and Anti_Taco...and all you other cats beating the system......special thanks to Disasters Doorman

Copyright 2000 Tr1pl3 S31S (goin solo on that ass)

Admin, nothing was damaged during this hack. so keep cool