[dBC] Digital Bastards Crew [dBC]

Hacked by BlackMan

What do i have to say mother fuckers? this is the second time that i hack kumoh.ac.kr, what the fuck is wrong with the mother fucking sysadmin eh? does he do his job? I think that this mother fucking koreanese guy must be fired RIGHT NOW BECAUSE HE IS A MOTHER FUCKING INCOMPETENT HEH!

[dBC] are: BlackMan MrSteve Alter Blanq Core
Fuck's to the most lamest people on the net: #0wn3d team, #Raza-Mexicana, cROSH for being the most stupid non hacker kid and all of that packet warrior kidz that claim to be 3r337 h4x0rZ und3r w1nb0x3z

All data were deleted, sorry dudes, but i warned ya HEH!