HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! H4K3D By Xhostrile !!!!!!!, leader of www.cyber-strike.com.

Greets to Ouiji,opt1k, IL, bLaCkWinD, Hyper Viper/Silicon Toad and HDC, MetalTung, Delirium and SIN, m0f0, m1crochip and f0rpaxe, vent and L7, network weakness, Zyklon, zmonkey, xSuiCidEx, Tophat/Jouser and mobsters/sys7, Redemption, rewted, phumpy and everyone else.. oh, and h0ldkutta

Special greetz to my mate Devil-c(icq#:7373443)

I destroyed you page, because I hated it. Good luck rebuilding it. hu ha hu.

WARNING :I stole you creditcard database. You will get it back as soon as you pay me $120.000 . e-mail me if you want to know when you must give me the money, and how. And if I find out you call the cops, I will give all the info I stole to everybody I know!