by TheP|nkPanthe|2

Sometimes it upsets me, with the inselance of admins, and their poor security, I mean shit, look at me, I'm on M$ Windows98 right now (til i get my new modem and get slack back online) and I just straight owned your ass, almost point-and-click style.  I take system security seriously, and I don't even get paid for it, but those of you out there that do get paid for it and do a shit job of it should be shot or something.

Shouts: phys1ks, c4ndyman, krimson, FireX, XeeN, Phrizer, Mayhem, subnet, indigoo, Paragon, www.attrition.org www.rootshell.com www.paragonhacking.net www.x-power.net #segfault, #SIGTERM, {Reasy}, guccilink, SirgRim, def, Br0keN, B33R, modulus, geye, fwaggle, Gizmo, digital ph0bia, He||-Ra|z3r, NIB, NetRipper, popimp, SteaM, sozah, suicide snowman, and Rachel-(I love you).

Fuck You's: vipperx, tekniq, callie <--- she's a whore, kyle-, packet kiddies, Trojan users, and definatly Wendy's!

Peace, I'm out. -TPP


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