heh I don't normally posts logs but this one is major funny everyone gather round and have a good laugh at the idiot

<secto0r> hey leetkurp
<leetkurp> hi
<secto0r> what's the difference between AT&T and Intel assembly syntax? /* [ This from a kid who runs win98 with mirc and claims unix is anoying] */
<secto0r> lol.
<leetkurp> hows it going?
<secto0r> very good, haha.
<skywolf> secto0r, Hi.
<leetkurp> thats good
<secto0r> i'm in the asm kinda mood after speaking with debris./*[ wow you know the word asm but do you know what it does ? didn't think so :D] */
<secto0r> :D
<secto0r> i love answering questions ppl think you would never know :D /* oh you mean answering your own questions ?  *claps* (see NSF partition question below) ]*/
* leetkurp nods
<secto0r> hey leetkurp
<secto0r> you know stuff about linux you told me eh?
<secto0r> you a hacker leetkurp?
<secto0r> heh.
<skywolf> dont push people around secto0r
<secto0r> ok then.
<leetkurp> umm
<secto0r> if an NFS server can be openly mounted, which command would you issue remotely to gain control of that server?/* do his copy and paste skills impress you ? */
<secto0r> :D
<leetkurp> why don't you stop acting like your all bad
<leetkurp> "har i'm in gH"
<secto0r> mount -t nfs www.leetkurb_is_lame.com:/ /mnt /* [PHEER his mount skillz hahaha] */
<secto0r> :D
<secto0r> hahaha.
<leetkurp> i am trying to be nice
<secto0r> at least i know basic linux stuff :D /*[yes basic is word i'd chose to describe your linux skills]*/
<secto0r> leetkurp you know nothing.
<skywolf> secto0r quit
<secto0r> your ignorance sickens me.
<leetkurp> but you think your 31337
<secto0r> you didn't know what echo did in unix.  /*[ yep pheer the echo command all leet people know it] */
<leetkurp> yeah ok
<leetkurp> sure secto0r
<leetkurp> right
*** skywolf has kicked secto0r from #hackphreak (i said stop)
<skywolf> damn kids dont know when to quit
<secto0r> lol.
<secto0r> kicking sops?
<secto0r> hahaha.,
<skywolf> dont harass others
<skywolf> ok?
<secto0r> should i just move to you?
<skywolf> if everyone here begins to hate you, then pr0xy wont be the one to remove you. I will.
<secto0r> hahaha.
<skywolf> so behave. please.
<secto0r> and i won't be re-added?
<secto0r> consider who you are talking to.
<skywolf> i will re-add you
<skywolf> when you can learn to control yourself.
<secto0r> hmmm.
<secto0r> remove me. see what happens.
<secto0r> :D
<skywolf> ok.
<leetkurp> uhh
-skywolf- -ChanServ- Access for secto0r on #hackphreak changed from SOp to AOp
<s0max> secto0r
-skywolf- little kids threatening me
<s0max> why u start shit with everyone?
>skywold< lol
<secto0r> s0max cuz.
<secto0r> fucking with ignorant people is fun :D /* bwhahaha look who's talking */
>skywolf< lol
-ChanServ- skywolf has deopped secto0r
*** ChanServ removes channel operator status from secto0r
<skywolf> more like because you cant handle yourself
<secto0r> as long as #crontab is going good.
<skywolf> get a grip secto0r
<secto0r> i do'nt really mind.
<secto0r> :D
*** skywolf gives channel operator status to secto0r
<secto0r> ooooo.
<skywolf> calm down and make friends, chat, have a jolly good time
<secto0r> skywolf has password.
<skywolf> but dont bug people
<secto0r> my friends are in #crontab/*[ yes pheer #ctrontabs phm.html skills] */
<secto0r> and some efnet people.
<secto0r> anyone else can suck me off :)
<secto0r> so stfu ./ *doesn't sound like a linux programmer buff to me does it you ? didn't think so */
<secto0r> hehe.
<leetkurp> ugh
<secto0r> anyway, i need a cigarette./ /*[ can we say cool bastards ? ]*/
* secto0r is gone, went out for a smoke (l!on)
<secto0r> i know C, x86 asm, pascal, and i'm quite the linux buff. /* [ hahaha all this after he said linux was annoying and he liked windowz */]
/*[ As for his programming skills he has none he knows broken pascal *NO* C  as for asm pfft] */
<leetkurp> FJEAR
<leetkurp> does'nt mean you can push people around
<secto0r> pick anything, and school me in it, and i'll respect you. /*[ why don't you try someone who knows any programming ? didn't think so */]
<secto0r> deal?
<skywolf> no deal secto0r
<skywolf> chat, have a jolly good time! But dont bug people.
<skywolf> ok?
<secto0r> i'm talking to leetkurp
<skywolf> leetkurp doesnt want to talk to you.
<secto0r> <@leetkurp> your such a haxor
<secto0r> obviously he does.
<skywolf> leetkurp doesnt want to be our friend.
<secto0r> he's starting shit.
<skywolf> our=your
*** skywolf sets ban on *!*taylor@*.landshark.net
<secto0r> i know my shit. /* Um sure as everyone can see */
*** skywolf has kicked secto0r from #hackphreak (Everyone has had enough of your shit. It is time for you to leave. If you dont want to make friends here, but instead piss people off. Then leave. If you can't enjoy IRC, get off. Don't make it a horrible place for others.)
/*[ can we say schooled ? :D */]

-BlazinWeed Owns your Military asses

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