!!!!! HACKED !!!!!

Guess by who ? : Diabl0 & BM-Freak

U.S. - ARMY ? HACKED ? W3ll W3ll YES!
S0 ... G4WD D4WMNED ... Y3 Kn0w Sh1t H4pp3ndZ .. W3 gav3 yA d4 p3rf3cT 3x4mPlE ... Y3R FUCKED SIT3 !

First 0f AllZ .. we l0ve US ARMY .. i mean .. WE HAVE A DEDICATION F0R YA : HERE W3 G0 Y4 NAT0 L000ZERZ :

S0 thiZ WaS A FuCkeD DeDiCaTiOn From : SaRBu, a FrIeNd Of Mine!

Other Stuff ... y3r site was lame .. it was easy to hack .... so if yer g0t s0me fucked comments ... mail us at :    Manu@Internetcafe.Ro or  Diablo@PrivacyX.Com ....

We All L0VE YOU ... 

Special ThanX T0 : Diabl0 (I Sw3aR T0 G0D He RuLeZzZ), SaRBu ( HATEZ NaT0) , Rapier (Fuck man .. I HAV3 N0THIN' ThA D0 WiTh ThAt DAMN BaCkD00R 0n Y3r SeRvEr), ... !

Yo l00zer$, ch3k 0uT ma' el33t beaT:

1 still g0t hAt3 for the p0lice
StiLL taking ma' t1me to cl3an the l0gs
aNd 1 stiLL g0t lov3 for dA' stre33tz
MuAhaAHhahHa... D R E rulez... damn, 1f yA s3nd mE hIs album And a b0x of Heineken to diablo@privacyx.com I teAch ya h0w to sEcur3 yer s1te


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Diabl0 & BM-Freak