Supersonic GC-MS


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SuperMass is proud to introduce
Supersonic GC-MS
the most informative GC-MS platform.
For cutting edge GC-MS
technology that will give
you the advantage
  • Ultimate level of mass spectral information.
  • Superior sensitivity in the analysis of drugs and PAHís.
  • Highest capability fast GC-MS.
  • Thermally labile and high boilers GC-MS  analysis.
  • A rugged and reliable system based on the HP GC-MSD. 


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Our aim is to provide a working solution to the most challenging analytical problems, which will provide you with a competitive edge. Thus, please let us know about your tough GC-MS requirements and send us your sample.  Please contact us now.

Custom made options can be added, such as ChromatoProbe with PTV Optic 2 injector, laser desorption fast GC-MS inlet or Extrelís 2000 amu quadrupole mass analyzer with either HP or Varian GC. We shall be happy to consider any additional supersonic molecular beam (SMB) based features.

Please share with us your specific needs and let us explore together the optimal SMB solution.

For more details please ask for the
free SMB-MS book with 51 figures.
Aviv Amirav  amirav@supermass.co.il
phone: 972-3-6408253  fax: 972-3-6424048

updated May 1999
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