The H. Lavity Stoutt Community College is dedicated to providing varied educational opportunities for British Virgin Islanders to learn more about themselves and to help to develop a national identity that respects all persons regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, gender or religion; and to assist all students to achieve maximum educational growth. The thrust of this institution, therefore, transcends an immersion in the accumulated experiences of humankind as represented in the variety of instructional/learning resources which are available to our students. This institution is a symbol of national unity, a beacon of national growth, a medium through which the present may translate the past to shape the future, and a flag bearer for the preservation of British Virgin Islands cultural heritage.

In order to ensure that these objectives are achieved and sustained, the refining education fire of the next five years, indeed the future, must burn the dross of nonchalance and mediocrity and forge the spirit of cooperation, caring, and scholarship commensurate with our mission.

As you peruse this catalogue I would like you to reflect on these sentiments and remember that I am here along with a team of dedicated faculty and staff to guide you in your educational pursuits. Always feel free to seek that guidance whenever you need it.


Board of Governors -Chairman
Hon. Ralph T. O'neal
It is a pleasure to welcome you to the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College.
Although still a young institution, the College has exhibited dramatic development, both in terms of its student body and the academic programmes being offered. The pages of this edition of the College’s catalogue reflect this continued development, with a number of programmes appearing for the first time. The associate degree programme in Corporate and Trust Administration, built around the curriculum of the British Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, is but one of these. That the College’s reputation and creditability is of a high order is reflected in its having been designated a regional centre of specialization in applied marine studies under the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Education Reform Strategy.

We are proud of the College’s recent accomplishments and we are pleased that you have chosen to join us.

Ralph T. O’Neal

Chairman, Board of Governors