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Congrads, you've just been compromised by Team Echo.

Ok its sunday, round 3pm local time, and im bored as a prostitute w/ no customers.  See what fucking boredem drives me too???  well its not bordem of fucking, never have that boredem :o) I never shoulda got outta bed today, I wouldn't be so fucking bored.  Hey I wonder how many times i can say fuck or some fucking variation of it.  Anyone have a fucking clue? ah no well fuck all you bastards then.  :D   Guess thats it, im gonna finish listening to my mp3's and go deface another site.   woo hoo.

Shouts:     Bansh33, Dukj, Zenomorph, Analognet, himi, Sys-Edit, Sh00tR,Nocx, Angel, Dragon, Fuck Shit Up, BusDr1v3r, Bo$$, The Black Priest, Cybrsoul, Digital Domination and Political Genocide

Team Echo