To be considered for admission to one of the CERTIFICATE or DEGREE LEVEL PROGRAMMES, a student should have graduated from High School with CXC or GCE required passes, or have achieved the equivalent of High School graduation. No student will be allowed to register for a CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME unless the above requirements have been satisfied.

While there are not stipulated admission requirements to any of the Enrichment Courses, the instructor may require some level of proficiency in the area of interest, depending on the complexity of the subject being offered.

In addition, a student is expected to present the following:

a) High School diploma and CXC/GCE Certificates where required.

b) Passport, birth certificate, or proof of residence status and time of arrival in the British Virgin Islands.

c) Social Security number, if employed.

Admission to the College does not guarantee enrollment in the programme or courses requested by the student. Placement is based on assessment standards developed to help ensure the student's academic success. Prior to registration, placement tests in English Language and Mathematics will be administered particularly for those students who have not satisfied the College's entry requirements. Students are advised to contact the College for information on testing and academic counselling.




The HLSCC application forms should be completed and submitted with all supporting documents (High School Diploma, CXC/GCE Certificates) by the prescribed date either in person at the Paraquita Bay Campus or by mail to HLSCC, P.O. Box 3097, Road Town, Tortola. No student will be registered unless all supporting documents are submitted. For persons submitting applications by mail, the non-refundable application fee of $10.00 should be enclosed with the application. Remittance should be by cheque or money order in the form of bank draft.

On approval of admission, applicants must then REGISTER IN PERSON during the days and times set by the College. Applicants are encouraged to apply for admission at the latest two weeks prior to registration.



Students are asked to follow the procedures listed below to register for classes for each semester:

1. Refer to the academic calendar for the registration dates or contact the College if a calendar is not available.

2. Students must obtain approval of admission before registration.

3. Study the Course Offerings for the semester carefully; give due consideration to your academic programme and your personal responsibilities as you decide on your application.

Seek the advice of the Faculty Department Head of the Academic area related to your chosen Programme.