The Bet and Chat Global Partner Program

Be a partner in our network and take part in the multi-billion dollar online gaming market. If you are a Webmaster, Website operator or just an investor and you can introduce players to the Bet-N-Chat Casino in different forms of marketing. Our affiliate Program is a money-making opportunity for you. Once you join the program, we will create an individual Bet-N-Chat Affiliate Website and setup an account for you within our computerized account management system. So if you can bring us players, we will provide them with the best bet on the Internet Bet-N-Chat. Compunet Interactive and Software is a leading developer of on-line gaming technologies. These "Play-to-Win" systems are designed and engineered to provide highly realistic gaming experiences via the Internet, Exclusive licenses for our flagship Casino Experience. Bet-N-Chat, are now available as a multi-player versions. There is only ONE Bet and Chat partner per language - so you need to act fast to reserve your place!

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