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Hey everyone on the information superhighway.  Got bored, decided to say Hideo ho good neighbor.  Well, I'm going to do something unusual.  I'm going to speak bad about certain people: Crime boys.  These wannabe mother fuckers, couldn't hack/crack their way out of a paperbag.  These kids go after sites that have been done already.  I was just going through the archives at and saw that the mostly deface shit thats been done, especially a site that was defaced by yours truly some time back in January I belive.  Hell, if your gonna do a site do something fucking orginial you inbred bitches from Brazil.  Note: We're not attacking everyone in brazil, just the fags known as Crime Boys, wow what a fucking name at that too!!  You guys couldn't come up with something more original than "crime boys" wow, your iqs must be just high enough to use a computer.  Certainly when God was handing out the grey matter yous were sitting around some where with a dildo up your asses.   Christ almighty, can you guys even read, i mean besides "Spot ran down the street??"  FUCKING MORONS!!!!!!!!  Next time you pick a site to deface, be original, ok???? ya fucking inbred, ugly ass, goat stench carrying freaks of nature.

Shouts:    Bansh33, Dukj, Zenomorph, Analognet, himi, Sys-Edit, Sh00tR, Nocx, Angel, Dragon, Fuck Shit Up, BusDr1v3r, Bo$$, The Black Priest, Cybrsoul, Digital Domination and Political Genocide.

Team Echo