Troop 10 - Honeoye Falls, NY

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Hey look, its another homosexual gathering group.  I can not believe that our children are being subjected to fag orgies in these groups.  Back in my day, a father and son went camping, fishing and maybe some hunting,  defintely not heading to the woods for some kind of sick-o male love fest.   I am astonished that this is allowed to be conducted in our country.  Does anyone else see that this is wrong????  I mean, its a person right to be a fag or a lesbian (note, lesbians and bi-females rock!!! Team Echo loves you ladies!!! ), but to subject unwilling children to your sick vile world, is just wrong, hey if george and phil wanna go get it on, well thats their business but leave their children out of this.   Child sex is wrong no matter what form.  People, we must unite and disband these fag love fests, it has to be done to save our children.  I am sorry that we have to be the one who exposes this, but, the truth must be known!!!

Shouts:    Bansh33, Dukj, Zenomorph, Analognet, himi, Sys-Edit, Sh00tR, Nocx, Angel, Dragon, Fuck Shit Up, BusDr1v3r, Bo$$, The Black Priest, Cybrsoul, Digital Domination, Political Genocide

Note: Sh00tR your name is spelled write this time, don't fucking bitch no more or ill send you to one of these fag love fests   muwaaaahahahaahahahaaaa

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