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Everything brings in, heavy mental day.. today.. you experience something.. - never done.. heavy mental. ...



Information begins gathering, forming the stargate and star pattern towards saturn.. in between the eye sockets, is where i build my sky rocket.. you don't need any passport, all you need is a thought, suddenly - the thought launches.. voyaging 144 billion light years past the stars, long before there exist quasars there existed a hebrew god, suddenly.. my brain blows as hot as flame flows from the volcanoes.. as i slowly, hold my hands and STRETCH..- up from the sky.. why? because we almost there.. trying to adapt to the air pressure.. now we searching for the mental treasure (pleasure)..

(weird huh? it's all i remember of some reallyyyy cool track.. errr something.)


"That cold chill down your spine might be me watching over your shoulder.."

- kryptek


shouts: khromy, basik, smoothy, warpig, deano, dbaseiv, likwid, thrasher, malaki, blackspyder, brokers, comlogik, resonate, kernel panic, meli, erin, cassie, nikle187, dj-fyber, zero, lobotomy, elias, ian, and anyone else tearin it up on the security front.



If these are the greatest days of my life, remind me to kill myself..