#DorkNet Strike Again huh? We telling you bitchez to Watch our crimez!!!

Here is a picture of the Sclub chiq we fucked last week, sexy huh? Thats my dick she is holding, big huh?

Yet again we, #DorkNet have pimped sum skills and shown those lamer white hat hackers what defacement means !!! We have damaged this system and stolen information, which we are currently selling across the internet! We don't want a job from you as we make more money stealing your credit cards and we don't want to help you fix this system. The only things we do want are the following!!!

1) Kevin Mitnicks Sister
2) Gay-Boi, our l33t leader, out of the slammer
3) SClub7 to do a strip show exclusive for #DorkNet
4) Ethereal to get a reducement on her left breast
5) Switchblade to give us more S&M Art pix
6) Emmanuel Goldstein to say Hi for us to Bubba, his cell mate
7) Acid_Burn and Crash_Override to have l33t kids so i can marry them!!!
8) Jolt Cola to export to Papau New Guinea
9) Britney Speares to rot in hell
10) 13 Commodore 64's for our Beowulf

Deliver these items to this address by 21:00 14 February or we will paste the pictures we took of Akt0r raping dem chickens all over the net and your hero will die!!! BWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

17 Bayside Avenue
Amsterdam Manor

Greetz fly out to my SKanKy bitch Nicole!!! (So what if you are 14 years younger then me??? I am only 17!!!)

Fuckyous fly out to #Darknet and their diq leader Gov-Boi on Efnet for ripping our name and not accepting our 0-Day juarez!!!

The original webpage has been deleted, your regular users can find entertainment here