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Hey good morning everyone.  Its everyones fave team.   No, not the Yankees, or the Dallas Shitheads, er cowboys i mean.  Hey notice why dallas doesn't have huddles? Convicts aren't allowed to associate!!!!

Ok, im pissed about the damn gas prices in our country.   there to fucking high, its like a buck 35 where im at to get gas, its ridiculous.   I'm afraid to even drive my car cuz of the gas prices, shit.  Now who can we blame, well our gov't for being moronic jack asses, but also the kuwaiti gov't cuz thats where we get our oil to make the gas, also oil prices have gone up.  That sux, specially for me, since my house is heated with oil, it was like .89 a gallon, then up to 1.28, now 1.50, a damn gallon. its all these politics and bull shit.  I've had it.   I want you foreign mother fuckers to lower your damn prices.  Before we bomb your ass.  Your so lucky Regan isn't president, hell the ruskies were afraid of him, they never know if he'd press   the big red button or not.  So I want you stupid asses to lower your prices before we have to come back and do this shit again.   got me?  you better, I don't like reapeating myself.


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