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Good evening/day to everyone.  Unfortunately tonights hack won't be very comdiecal.  I just came home from being out and about with some friends and recieved an email from some one I chat with online.  This is very distressing to me, I have only known this person for a short time, but its long enough to consider them a friend.  I had even talked to them earlier today.  Now, I don't know if they just left online, or if they have left this world, they didn't say anything to me and I wish they had.  Here is what I recieved in the email:

It started as a dare,
I didn't think anyone would care.
days went by.
how the time flies
when there are lies,
I never wanted to hurt anyone
but it's already been done
everything has changed
it will never be the same
I wish it didn't have to end this way
because I'm in pain.
they say change is good.
thats something I've never understood.
the past is just that
it's gone like lightning
and provokes fighting.
I'm sad to say,
you've been decieved
because I'm not what you think.
this life is going bye-bye
can I stand the test of time?
I don't know about that
but this is a fact,
you were all my friends
till the end
and this is my way of saying goodbye.
in my own strange way,
I hope you all will forget me
because this is the hardest thing
I'll ever have to do
is to tell you the truth.
the truth hurts I know
it hits you like a blow
but you all deserve it
so it has to be
that's the way it is.
and now I guess this
is goodbye.
I cherished you all while it lasted.
goodbye everyone
I'll miss you

Now that you read that, it seems my dear friend is gone from our world, it is very unfortunate, I will miss them a great deal.  They always seemed so upbeat and what not while i was chatting with them, nothing ever seemed to be wrong, and yet, things change so rapidly.  I am actually showing feelings, something i rarely do, yet this person touched my soul, and now they are gone. 

If your reading this, I'd like you to call your friends tomorrow and tell them that you care about them, tell your girlfriend,wife, and parents that you love them.  As you can see, not all of us have a tomorrow.  For this person, I will always have a silent void in my heart becuase they have left.  I will and already do miss them dearly.   I do apologize for my lack of comedical stature tonite.  I will make it up to all our loyal fans at a later date.

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