#Dorknet Own j00!

#Dorknet have done another great hack for our King Gay-Boi. We wanna greet our honeyz Sclub yet again! We also wanna say that Gay-Boi and Brady are doin great together, such a perfect couple!!!

We still have skills okay??? NOW LEAVE US ALONE!!!

And we phj34r j0r sk1llful p33pz at AntiOnline \ AntiOffline (sorry, u both so0o0o0o0o kewl we can't tell u apart)

Greets go out to these Homies:

 Kevin Mitnick - joo still haven't told us if u gotta sitah!!! u look fly!!!

Akt0r - J00r d3f4c3m3n+z inpire us all!!!!

Zero_Kewl - j00 are still leetl33t!

Acid_Burn - Show us more titties!!!!!!

Soul` - Mentor us all so we too can be like Gay-Boi!!!!!!

All westside rappers - j00r tunes are real leet, just like R&B!!!

Disses go out to these Homies:

Wyze1 & Pneuma - U guys still don't phj34r us, j00 are universally stupid!!!

Switchblade - ok, we lied, u make a great S&M chiq, but u not in Sclub, so we hate you!!!

Ethereal - j00 also not Sclub material, and j00 g1bb0r Pneuma and Wyze1 s1bb0r s3xx0r!!! SLUT!!!

Hacking For Britney - Britney still sux, get a life, get a Sclub 4 life!!!

Peace Out #Dorknet for ever!!! We appologise to the Webavenue ppl for using their page to spread our leetness, peace you jerks!!!

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