#Dorknet Own j00!

Yes, we here at #dorknet, followers of the great Gay-Boi, hereby claim ownership of this site, and we did it all for our lovers, Sclub7, we love you babes, and Gay-Boi says he likes those cute and sexy guys too!

And we d0 have skills, no, really!!!

Greets go out to these Homies:

 Kevin Mitnick - joo are free at last, do u have a sister, j00 look damn fine

Akt0r - j00 have strengthened us at #Dorknets faith in defacement, g0 g1rl!

Zero_Kewl - j00 are l33t!

Acid_Burn - I saw your titties in FoxFire!!!

Soul` - j00 mentored gay-boi, j00 el33t lil gerbil!!!

All westside rappers - j00r tunes are leet, just like R&B!!!

Disses go out to these Homies:

Wyze1 & Pneuma - Stop ripping us off!!!

Switchblade - j00 ugly S&M bitch

Hacking For Britney - Britney sux, Sclub 4 life!!!

Peace Out #Dorknet for ever!!! And remember, the safest sex is Sclub7 Sex !!! Abstane from Britney!!!

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