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by hyrax.
The age of the Hacker 

the hacker has grown into something bigger, we can not be contained, we never will be.
we are the children of the electornics, we are the bringers of knowledge, of experiance.
we continue to feed the monster which continues to grow and grow.
it cannot be contained. we are not what is wrong with society today.
governments, conspiracy, war, they are what disrupts the careful balance of what the computer has helped create in society. we can not be contained.
you build something stronger, we show you what you did wrong. you build something even bigger, and yet even stronger, we show you what you did wrong.
we are here, we will never leave, we will never be contained.
we are hated because our culture is unknown.
we are thought of as malicious people, a group bent on destruction, and digital vandalism.
we can not be contained.
our views are clear, not blurred like the medias.
we thirst for knowledge.
we are not malicious, we are not vandalizers, we are not criminals.
we can not be contained.