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School, what can I say about it?  Well it sux why your there but when your out you wanna go back.  Today is a day of great pleasure, a well known person in the underground community was released from prison, he was prisoned unfairly to check his story out go to He was inprisoned injustly, now we don't condone what he did, but its bullshit what the gov't did to him.  Well he was released today so lets party!!!!!!!!!!  Kevin, if you do happen to see us and they let you near a computer.......mail us, we'd like to hear from you ;)

Quote of the day: You wanted more, more than I could give, more than I could handle for a life I couldn't live.

Shouts:   Bansh33, Dukj, Zenomorph, Analognet, himi, Sys-Edit, Sh00ter, Nocx, Angel, Dragon, Fuck Shit Up, BusDr1v3r, Bo$$, The Black Priest, Cybrsoul, Digital Domination and Political Genocide.

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