Just say no... to taco bell

I really hate to put up a second defacement.... But when there are people like w0lf out there who decide to ./hax0r a website to prove that they are n33t0 l33to piss me off. Neutron.... do you think you are special for this shit? what kind of pride do you get from "hacking" a wide open system? There is no point in it whatsoever. Okay... there is a stupid defacement, are his balls bigger for this feat? I think not. I would like to let this be a notification to the administrator of this site to pay more attention to the vulnerabilities you leave open. There are dumbasses with their ./scripts and their ./hacks who think they are proving something to the world. Fuck that. Lock down your site and never worry about this bullshit again.

Mad shoutout's to the N.I.T....Tr1p13 S31S, stealthm0de316, parano1a.

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