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What People Say....

a smattering of emails we receive....
Yet again, we are amazed by your speed! You can't have got our cheque much before second post today and have already sent a ream of information and instructions. And stuck more information on the site. Brilliant.....
Thanks again
OK.....I'll let you into a secret.....
Setting up so many domains can sometimes become a little tedious.... A little game we sometimes play is to see how quick we can do it!!
Our record is 46 minutes and 27 seconds....:o)
Wow ! I'm impressed
- I was expecting to get a reply tomorrow afternoon :)
Uel Duckfield
You're welcome
Hi Dougie....
....I just want to thank you for all your help. If everyones tech supp was this good and quick responding, sales of headache pills would plumit!!!
Ill be sure to recomend you when anyone asks me.
We try our best....
If you don't get a response within the hour we're usually playing golf so it could be 2 hours or so....
You solved the problem instantly and using the simplest method.
Any time.
Hi Doug --
Just thought you'd like to know that (Longdendale online) is up and running. It's a community/business directory about where we live - Longdendale.
Thanks again for all the help, you're a marvel...
Heather & Dave
And a GREAT site it is...
I really like your design work....very bells and whistles YET visually appealing enough to make the viewer want to navigate
Good work!
Thanks Doug,
I'm impressed by your efficiency when compared to other agencies I have used in the past.....
Graeme J Gibson
Hello again,
We're really happy with the speed of the server, so far everyone we've asked to try the site from their computer has said it is much faster now and no problem downloading the pictures (which sometimes failed on the old server).
Yeah - we're really pleased with them. We don't hide the fact that our servers are based in Connecticut. They are connected directly to the T3 backbone there which explains the speed of connection. They're monitored 24 hours per day and we guarantee 99.8% uptime.
The servers do slow down once a day for about 15 minutes when they are being backed up but it's usually barely noticable.

Thank you very much!
I have to say I am encouraged already that you have managed to reply to all of my requests and emails within minutes of me sending them.....
Matthew Lee
You're welcome!
Hi Dougie
couple of things.......
(i) thanks for the excellent service we have been getting - we're really happy with Your-name-here and would not hesitate to recommend....
Hal Sosabowski
Thanks Hal
Glad you're happy!
I just wanted you to know what a joy it has been to move CETACEA to webspace with Your-Name-Here instead of with GeoCities. The move was effortless and very easy, with the aid of the 'help mail' you sent. Settling in was not hard, either, unlike with so-called 'free' webhosters, and there is no longer the irritation of pop-up advertisements which distract visitors to the site.

Your help and enthusiasm has been commendable. Your prices are so attractive that it was even possible for a student to buy her own webspace! Thank you so much. You provide a wonderful service and it is a pleasure - and a relief - to know that Your-Name-Here is hosting CETACEA.


Heather K Ward
all the world's whales, dolphins and porpoises on one site!
species breakdowns, latest news, threats, shopping, pictures,
maps and much much more --- all on the giants of the deep!

We aim to please :o)

You have a great site and will be a worthy winner of our web design award!!!
( soon as we get chance to design one)

I moved my domain name to your servers last week, and I would simply like to say that this has been one of the most hastle free experiences of my life. The last mob I was with was "difficult" to say the least, whereas your service has been sensational. Thanks very much.

I have another query. I want to register a new domain name and have it hosted there, however I also want to register the variations of the name and have them point to the same site. For example, and and all pointing to the same site. (these are not the real names!)

How much will this cost? Is it a single hosting fee with multiple fees for the domain names? Do I have to pay separately for each name to be hosted at your site? Could you please send me some info.

Again, thanks again for your excellent service, and for your prompt responses to date.



Wow..thanks for your comments

Ok...parked domains
You'll like this!

Obviously the charge for domain names is separate so....47 for each name and 70 for .com etc

if you want to point multiple domain names at the same webspace this is called parking
As an example see my other project at:

All are separate domain names-all retain their identity as the viewer navigates BUT they all point to the same web space.

The good news is we charge 50 to park a domain name to the main one
...and this is just a one-off charge NOT ANNUAL - (as most of our competitors charge)

So as long as you keep paying annual subs for main hosting package your parked domains wil remain active with nothing more to pay

The emails even work for the separate domains!!
ie an email to:
...will all find me

Thanks again and we're glad you're happy


Thank you very much for your prompt replies to all my questions, and also for your quick response to my order. I've posted a cheque for 171 (domain name, hosting, admin) today, which should arrive tomorrow or the day after.

Jon Sandys.

Thanks Jonathon
We registered the name for you and setup the hosting package by 8.15pm

Firstly I would like to thank you on a fast and efficient setup of my account and domain name.
Secondly as I have a business account do I believe I have 5 pop accounts,how do I set them up ?.I could not see this information in the quick guide you sent me.
Thanx for your help so far.


Oops - I forgot to send the POP mail manual


Just wanted to say thank you for the effortless move we undertook from Demon to Your-Name-Here. Everything works, no fuss, very quick - you have a good operation going here.

We thought long and hard about changing moving our website - and I don't regret moving it at all.


Paul Scott (
Wycombe Astronomical Society, Buckinghamshire, UK.

Another happy chappie!!
We do aim to please :o)
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