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Floyd won't let me search for a name !! That's because you can no longer register names unless you are an Internet Service Provider. Nominet used to allow this but have tightened up their rules now.
The US equivalent .net names have no restriction whatsoever - but we do charge 72 for these (for two years)

How do I upload my files? The easiest way to upload files is with an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program - sorry for the jargon but you may as well try and learn a little.
We make Cute_FTP available
for download here - Win 95 & 98 only.
It's very easy to use but a common mistake our clients seem to make is forgetting to put www in the "initial remote directory" field. If you are having problems filling in the fields for your FTP program - give us a ring - 01253 318173 or 01253 314288 - we'll get you going in a jif!

What do you recommend to write my html pages? This is an easy one - Arachnaphilia - which we make available for download here
Its very easy to use and offers the experienced html author great versatility.
We do offer Front Page capabilities (as long as you state you want it when ordering) BUT we don't think it's a very good tool even for the novice to use - it adds much more code than is necessary and some of the code can only be read by Internet Explorer browsers
We would suggest its far better to take the time to learn html authoring using Arachnaphilia.
If you ask us to install Front Page when ordering, we will do so of course, but don't really want to get into any heavy support for it if your pages "don't work".
If your pages don't work in normal html we'll tell you why and offer advice on how to get them working

I want to register That's fine - there are no restrictions on any name you choose in the level of names.
I mention this here so as not to cause confusion in the next topic
I want to register We can register the names for you - however Nominet ( the naming authority for the UK ) have a strict policy that only the exact company name registered at Companies House can be registered in your name. We need your company registration number so that Nominet can check this. There is no extra charge - even though it does involve Nominet registering these manually - but it can take 3 working days before we have the acceptance.
As an example if your company is officially called My Company Ltd we could register or even
BUT.... if your company is registered as: My Company Business Ltd you could only have you could not register

How do I include a simple enquiry form on my site? We use formmail.cgi which is a neat little program that is installed for you in your own private cgi-bin
Here is an example of how a simple enquiry form is written in order to use the script
...more coming soon
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