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The Value of a Name

We can't really knock this.....
We wouldn't sell for any less than 250,000
We thought our viewers may find the exchange below interesting

-----Original Message-----
From: Dougie Smith []
Sent: Thursday, May 27, 1999 2:08 PM

Hi Guys
I notice you have recently started using
(although have had the name for some time)

Would you like to sell it to me?

If so - how much

Domain Name Registrations - Half Price!!!
47 covers 2 years Nominet fees

Send reply to:
Subject: RE:
Date sent: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 14:32:52 -0600

Hello Doug,
Thank you for your interest in the '' domain.

'' is an awesome internet name for recognition and marketing, and from your current business name, I can see you already feel the same way! Bizwax has owned/used the name as a "backup" domain name for its internet services site at, although Bizwax has never marketed the name or used it at as our business name.

Since '' is not used as one of our business names, we feel we could part with it if the right party was available. And as stated prior, the name recognition and marketing potential alone of '' could easily create/maintain a large customer/revenue base for the owner. Therefore we feel the current asking price should be $175,000 US.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime regarding this issue. Thanks for your time and have a good day!

Mark Watson
Bizwax Business Consulting

phone: 801-561-7563 (US)

We registered a name for a client:
Our client paid 47 for it.
That's a zero and letter O which is acceptable (two letter combinations are not)
We loved it and were kicking ourselves at not registering that one ourselves.
We liked it that much that we offered him 200 for it - an instant profit of 153!!
He declined.......
oh well.....another one slips away....
We did get though :o)
....that's got two zero's in it!
We just sold for 2,500
The business who purchased it are attached to They didn't like the fact that we had purchased and had parked it to (along with 8 other great domain names) and asked a Scottish court to issue an interdict. This is the equivalent of the English injunction. Consequently Nominet suspended the name pending future court action.
This would have meant that the name would have stayed registered to Best Hotel but couldn't have been used until the interdict was overturned.
We felt this was just a formality and instructed a solicitor to start proceedings to have the interdict lifted. In the meantime, however, we contacted and suggested that they could purchase the name for a reasonable compensation - after all - we had built up considerable goodwill with it already and also suggested that when we win the case to lift the interdict it could prove costly to both parties. We suggested the name was worth 7,000.
They eventually agreed to pay a maximum of 2,500. We didn't have the time to take this further - we'd have preferred to keep the name - but the compensation helped.
Our main point, which we feel would have resulted in the interdict being overturned was that had been trading for at least 2 years prior to us registering - why had they waited so long - names are issued on a first come first served basis - and a business which reportedly generates 75,000 per month were being a bit silly not tying up the name earlier.
We didn't register the name to "pass off" as Best Hotel and Inn Directory is better anyway (grin) and as we feature hotels from all over the world it seems reasonable that we could call ourselves All Hotels if we want to.

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