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All these names are for sale or rent
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There are some great ones and some "totalcrap" ones.....which ones do you like?

There are some here that we wouldn't sell for less than 10,000 - can you spot which ones?

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If you like one of these names let us know your ideas - we may be prepared to rent or lease it to you in return for a share of the profits.
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We believe our stock of names are worth in excess of 10,000,000
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Top Tip

Ok...say you have a graphic design business and its called something fancy like 7th - you should register both ways of typing the web address:

Don't lose traffic!
we couldn't believe this was still available on 1st September 1999!! - SOLD 2,500 Looks familiar?
- you couldn't afford it!

Our client who owns these refused 2000 for the pair!!

We've obviously invested heavily into these names as we believe in a few years time domain names are going to be even more sought after than now.... search for your name now .....don't let somebody like us grab it! - these are zero's!!

We cannot believe how many great names are still out there for the taking
Any name that is available from Floyds search we will register for you - in your name - for 47 and that covers 2 years registration fees - no hidden extras!!
At our prices for ordering a domain name for you - you really should consider buying a few and asking for some quantity discount

The Value of a Name probably guess that we are based in Blackpool and I do a lot of business with the local hotel trade. I acquired two domain names for local clients and sold them for between 47 and 70 (at that time we were a little more expensive). The names were and
I have made a genuine offer since I supplied them to buy back the names for 1000 each and they refused. I don't blame them! They get a terrific response from the websites and its pushed them to the top of many a search engine.
I don't think they'd mind you asking if this is true!!

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We'll GIVE you any 3rd level name to use with this absolutely FREE. All you pay for is the hosting package - and you can choose between Starter, Standard, and Premium.
Long term lease available
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Situations Vacant
Island dwellers required to sell space in forthcoming
Isle of Man Hotels Guide

Apply within - those are zero's!! - you can't afford it!
I mean it.....don't even may have a heart attack!!
I couldn't believe this was available on 3rd September 1999
What are the London hoteliers thinking of....the business they'd get from this would be phenomenal!!!
The potential explained

We put it to work immediately.
In the first 6 weeks the website has generated over 1200 enquiries and 97 bookings.
The very first day it went live it received a paid booking at The Cumberland Hotel for 910. A successful listing in Yahoo! and great positions in the major ten search engines now brings over 3,000 visitors a week to the site.
We won't be happy until it averages over 10,000 individual visitors - we expect to achieve this by December 1999

GOOD London City address to use in conjunction with these lucrative names
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We bought nearly 1500 domain names over 2 days!
Every time we do a search we come up with a

Hey - Stick it up your arse! Not for sale
Free to my ex-boss...

Hobbyist Required

Your brief: develop this site into the top 25 websites for any category you can think of.
Your design will need to be spot on although not after anything really fancy
No pay - just the fun of working with a GREAT NAME
Send your CV here

Yes....these were still available as at 3rd September 1999 - yes its for sale

Situations Vacant

Send your CV here - SOLD ALREADY!

The pair must attract a greater price then the sum of the value of each individual name

Spot any you like?

The most important email addresses on the planet?
What about it Bill?
As a side note you can't get these names in .com versions
because of the 26 character restriction on their names
- so if Mr Clinton wants his full email address he has to come to us -
How powerful are you now Billy Boy?
We tried to get the .com shortened versions
We tracked down the person who owns:
Read our emails to him
Floyd says: Let me look for your name

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