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The Premium Package

The Ultimate Hosting Package
Our Premium Package comes complete with everything
you'll need for a complete and professional presence
on the world wide web.

All this for 280 per year
Per Year
or 25 per month

Premium Package Features
Cost280 annually or 25 per month plus one off 25 setup fee
A massive 400mb of cyberspaceYou'll never fill it!!!!!!!
Massive BandwidthYou'll be allowed a gigantic 8 Gigabytes traffic per month.
Unlimited email
This could be :
Wusage 6.0Excellent statistics package to show you how many people have been to your site, where they have been within your site and how long they stayed!
Unlimited InfobotsAutomatic mail replies. Somebody sends you an enquiry to and the autobot sends a pre-formatted reply immediately. You then answer the enquiry in more detail when you check your email - very professional
Chat RoomChat Room
Busy site? - lots of visitors daily? - this could be very useful as an alternative conference venue or even a live discussion forum for your support services
Real Audio capabilities
Streaming Media - right from your site
See an example at one of our clients sites:
MySQL and MSQL 2.0.3 Access
You want it - you got it - support is limited though!
PHP3 module with GD image library installed
PHP is an exciting new scrpting language which is causing much excitement in the webmaster world
Your own private cgi-bin

This is what is already installed and pre-configured for you to use
FormMailSaves the viewer booting up their email program. We recommend formmail.cgi and preinstall it for you - all you have to do is call for it in your html script and you got that form
Send a PostcardYes - your own postcard facility. You'll have to configure the pictures to your own needs - I'm not telling fibs when I say it's easy to configure with your own pictures - but it is quite time consuming. The results are impressive and its a GREAT way to bring traffic to your site.
QuizThis is a neat little gadget that can get over your marketing info and make it enjoyable for the viewer. You can set it up to ask up to 25 questions. The answer gets emailed to you - valuable info - somebody who may be interested in your product
Graphical Counters As well as our fantastic Wusage stats tool - you may want a counter to record individual visits to a page
Random Text You can include anything here - even random links
Free for all linksYou let people link to your site here - they may reciprocate and link back - valuable traffic for you
ForumsMulti User Forums - set up your own discussion boards
Search Search this site from here.

Enter your keywords: Exact Match Search.

Guest Book Fully configurable so you can keep uniformity of your site. The script allows you to ban certain swear words; ban users from IP's who have used swear words and notify you by email when an entry is made
Subscribable Mailing Lists This will allow you to give your customers a email address that they can send to and be added to your personalized maillist. This is a great way to offer your customers a monthly newsletter, sales updates or just a freindly hello. The PlusMail system is capable of multiple lists so you can organize what information your customers may be looking for, a freindly welcome message will also be sent. The lists can be up to 1000 names and you can email a message up to 75k to the lists you create.
Subscribe to ours now for news of any updates.
Please place your email address here.

YES - these scripts are included in all our packages - completely free!!

Front Page CapabilityYou want it - you got it - please make sure you let us know when you order - we need to install some extra files and folders
10 POP emailsYes....10 POP email accounts
FTP Access24 hours a day.
You'll need a program like CuteFTP to upload your files
Password protected pagesYou need got them. Please be advised we do not allow any adult material linked to or hosted within our server
The username is: jamesbond and the password is: 007
Secure ServerAn advantage for all transactions
Anonymous FTPFile uploads and downloads for your viewers pleasure - we say no to warez!!
To access our ftp site using your ftp client software please enter in your ftp Host Address field and choose "Anonymous".
You can upload to "incoming" or download from "pub"
Massive file allocation quotaYou are allowed to place up to 40,000 individual files on to your web space - If you need more files (are you sure??) we can increase this quota but would need to charge extra because of the time taken to backup your space (see below)
Tape Backups 3 times per weekIn the unlikely event that our server fails our standard accounts are all backed up 3 times per week.
Subscribable Mailing ListThrough your web control panel you can easily set up your mailing lists on-line
Telephone and Email technical supportYou got a problem -we'll help you fix it as soon as we possibly can
.....and much much more all for the same price!!

* Monthly Payment Option

The minimum term is 2 months.
You can cancel at any time by giving two months notice.
Your-Name-Here reserves the right to cancel your account due to non-payment.
First two months fees (plus set up of 25) are payable with order.
The monthly payment option only covers the Hosting Package at this time.
We require one month notice of termination.

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