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On submitting this order you will be presented with the various payment options

Prices include 2 years registration fees, our administration fees and free parking

There are no hidden extras - we are not VAT registered at this time
(but will be in February 2000)
QuantityUK based .plc.ukUS based .com .org .net
1 name47 each per 2 years70 each per 2 years
2 names44 each per 2 years65 each per 2 years
Mixed pairs109 the pair
5 names40 each per 2 years60 each per 2 years
10 names35 each per 2 years55 each per 2 years
50 names29 each per 2 years50 each per 2 years
100 namesplease askplease ask
500 namesplease askplease ask
1000 namesplease askplease ask
To qualify for the quantity scheme you do not necessarily have to order the names all in one go.
For example if you have already purchased 9 names through us the next name you purchase will cost you 35

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an additional name:
an additional name:
an additional name:
an additional name:
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Starter Package - 99 (plus 25 setup) = 124
Standard Business Package - 180 (plus 25 setup) = 205
Premium Package - 280 (plus 25 setup) = 305
Reseller Package - 314 (includes 200 entry and your first hosting package)
Your name:
Business name:
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Voucher system
Can't think of that name just yet?
Take advantage of our great deals on bulk buying by prepaying in our voucher scheme
Prepay any amount you like and we will register those names for you as you decide what you want
Useful for .com registrations

Please note: If payment is not received within the agreed time period for a name we reserve the right to either delete the name or charge the full Nominet price of 80. Placing any type of order with us signifies your acceptance of our terms and conditions

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