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Hosting your chosen domain name

We'd love to host your domain too.......
Once you have your own domain name you'll obviously want to have it hosted somewhere....we can save you heaps of money again.
BUT there's no obligation to do so with us...IF you get a better deal anywhere else to host your domain, or simply prefer to use another host, we'll move the domain name to your chosen questions asked....and at no extra charge. You'll then be responsible for the next Nominet invoice in 2 years time.

BUT...if you do want us to host it....just take a look at all we offer by clicking one of the options below:

Starter Package from 99 per year
*or just 10 per month

We'd be astounded if you could get so much for so little elsewhere and would urge you to compare our pricing with our competitors.
If you're not convinced yet - click here
or take a look at our
Money Back Guarantee

Starter Package - 99 | Standard Package - 180 | Premium Package - 280 | Resellers Package - 299

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