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Frequently Asked Questions

You may want to save this and read it off-line
If you do please be sure to come back frequently for updates:

  • What do I get with a domain name?
  • Just that, the right to use that name for an initial period of two years, subject to certain conditions.

  • Does it include web hosting, my own site, e-mails, etc.?
  • No, it just allows the use of the name. You will need to get an ISP (Internet Service Provider) who will "host" your site on their server, unless you want to do this for yourself.

  • Can I get one of the "free" servers to host it for me?
  • Well you can try, and in theory there is no reason why not, but as far as we know, there are no free ISPs who will host your own domain name for you free of charge. If you find one, let us know!

  • Why won't the "free" servers host my site using my own domain name?
  • We don't know, you will have to ask them. We would be interested in their replies.

  • Can you "park" or store it for me until I wish to use it?
  • Yes.....parking to our servers is free.

  • If I take a hosting package from you, does it include telephone charges, dial up access, domain name, website design, etc.?
  • No, by hosting your site on our servers, we only provide space for you to place your files, and access to those files by anybody requesting them over the internet.

  • What else will I need?
  • To make your own website available to the internet, you will need:-

    Your own domain name. You can get away without this if you use some of the "free" webspace provided by any of the dozens of free dial up ISPs, the main snag is that your site has to be called something like:-
    which isn't going to impress your friends and customers much.

    Some way of writing in HTML, you can use word-processors or a specialised HTML editor, unless you get someone else to design it for you. In the spirit of KIS (Keep It Simple), we recommend Arachnophilia. It won't cost you a penny, and save you years trying to learn "Front Page".

    You will need a way to upload your completed pages (files) to the server. This is done using an FTP (File Transfer Programme). One of the most popular is Cute FTP, which costs about 35, and can be tried out before you buy it.
    You will obviously need a computer and a modem (V90 preferred), ISDN or T3 cable connection would be even better.
    A dial-up account with an ISP. We do not provide this. It is not included in any of our packages. You can use any ISP you like, most of the free ones are OK.

  • Reasons for Wanting Your Own Domain Name

  • If you intend to advertise your own business on the internet, it will create a better impression. It's easy for you and your customers and friends to remember. For example to telling someone to look at your new website at:-
    assuming you can remember it yourself!, isn't it easier to say:

    You have already got a Bentley Turbo, a gold Rolex, and a personal registration plate.

    You might be able to sell it for a fat profit. This is a strong possibility. A client recently asked us if we could get them a domain name which had been registered but parked, that is not used, we found the owner, and put him in touch. The asking price was $30,000 = about 19,000! The asking price for some names is well in 6 digits. We predict that the asking price of the best names will rocket when everybody wakes up to the potential of the internet.

  • How can we do it for 23.50 per year when Nominet charge 80 plus VAT?

    It's very simple. As members of Nominet we get a discount - we pass this on to our clients. We are happy to work on a smaller profit margin than our competitors and expect a higher volume of registrations.
    Some other agencies charge fees of up to 100 plus VAT in addition to the stated 80 "Nominet" charge.
    We are pleased to offer the domain names at 47 every two years and hope it will highlight the special offer we can make on hosting the domain also.
    As we keep saying, though, there is really no obligation to host your domain name with us. Just let us know where to point it and we'll update the server at Nominet with the information it needs.

  • Is the domain name mine?

    Yes. The domain name will be registered in your name. Our fees of 47.00 include two years payment of Nominet fees.

  • What name can I have?

    You can make up any name you wish as long as it only contains the 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers 0-9 and a - (dash).
    So for example:
  • are all acceptable


  • marks&

  • are not

  • Why get a domain name?

    Well its got more prestige. It could be an extension of the marketing of your business. In a few years time it will be the MAJOR marketing of your business.
    If you don't snap the name up quickly chances are somebody may beat you to it. It also could also be an investment.
    We believe the internet is going to boom in Great Britain over the next ten years.
    Our domain name of  actually cost us more than we charge you for yours - 50
    We wouldn't sell it today for 5,000.
    We probably wouldn't for 50,000  UPDATE - We definately wouldn't
    We'd be seriously tempted for 500,000 - ok we'd snatch your hand off but do you get the drift

  • How do I transfer files to my website?

    Files must be transferred to the web server via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). If you need FTP, telnet, mail, or other Internet software, visit is a source for the latest Internet applications with ratings and reviews to help you decide which application is best suited for your needs. An FTP tutorial is also available for beginner users who may not be familiar with FTP.

  • What is a virtual domain?

    A Virtual Domain means having your own domain name ( without having to install expensive server hardware and software. With a Virtual Domain, you utilize our server's storage space, however, you are still professionally represented via your own personal Internet web address domain name ( and by your own personal e-mail address domain name (

  • Whats this business all about?

    OK....we can also supply anyname you want to go with our 2nd level domain name of if the name that you really wanted has already gone. So if you wanted and Mr Branson won't sell it to you - you could have an alternative with us of
    The name could be literally
    As its a third level domain name there are NO registration fees
    All you pay for is the hosting - we give you the name free for as long as you want us to host it.

  • Will I be able to access my site for updates 24 hours per day?

    You have unlimited access via FTP 24-hours a day. As such, you can create and maintain your web pages on your own computer and upload files to your web site at your leisure.

  • Can I use my account for commercial purposes?

    Yes, you can use your account for commercial purposes. The World Wide Web has become the most efficient and cost-effective means of making information available to the users of the Internet community and we encourage our customers to utilize such an enormous medium.

  • How long does it take to setup a new account?

    New accounts are generally set up within 24 hours from the time we receive your order. Once an account is set up an activation notice will be sent to you via email including your user-ID, password, and FTP hostname. You can begin uploading files to your new web site immediately. Domain account users will be given a temporary URL to access their site via the web prior to the completion of either domain registration or domain modification.

  • Do you provide tech support?

    Yes. We encourage our customers in need of assistance to send e-mail to with questions or concerns about their web site. However, we provide technical support only, we cannot provide help with HTML syntax or CGI programming problems. Tech support is done 7 days a week and is staffed over 10 hours per day but please be patient - it may take some time before we can answer you.

  • Can I subdivide my space and resell it?

    Yes, we do allow you to create subdirectories which you can use to offer friends or clients space as long as its within our policy guidlines. You can also request additional FTP accounts with limited access to a specific directory for a small additional setup charge (25 per year). We do not point domains to subdirectories of a main domain.

  • Can I register additional domains to point to a subdirectory of my main domain?

    No, this is something we do not presently offer but may be offering special accounts for this in the future.

  • Can I have additional domains pointing to the same main page as my current domain?

    Yes, for a once in an account lifetime charge of 50.00 for each additional domain we can mirror your main web pages and mail system. This is a great way to expand the marketing of your present business.

  • Can I add more space to my site?

    Yes. We can supply more space in 10mb blocks which cost an extra 10 per year

  • Can I install my own cgi scripts?

    Yes, each domain has its own cgi-bin. We only monitor
    for poorly written scripts that may become resource hogs.

  • Will server side includes work on your server (SSI)?

    Yes, SSI's will parse on any page ending in .sht or .shtml, rather than the usual .htm or .html.

  • Can you handle domains with foreign extensions?


  • What type of Java support do you offer?

    Currently jdk 1.1.5 is installed on all servers.
    At present we do not support java servlets.

  • Can I access my domain without the "www" in front?

    Yes, you will be able to access the domain address with or without the "www" in front of the domain name. Example: [] or [] is acceptable, whichever you prefer.

  • Do you offer dialup internet access?

    No, you will need local Internet access in order to maintain your web site and retrieve email addressed to your site. We may offer this in the future - watch this space

  • Do you maintain backups of my data?

    Yes, we do backups of your home and WWW directories 3 times per week. There is a small charge to pull a backup when requested.

  • Do you handle the domain registration?

    Yes. You obviously did not come in through our front door. Click here to find out how inexpensive your-name-here can be

  • Can I transfer an existing domain to your servers?

    Yes. We'll allocate you a numerical address so you can dump all your files there and in about 3 or 4 days the DNS settings will be updated so the domain becomes active with your name. The details you need to are:
    Primary : NS.HOST4U.NET
    Secondary : NS2.HOST4U.NET
    Just ask the people who registered your domain name to point it to these servers after you have informed us of course

  • What type of hardware and software will I be hosted on?

    We try to always use the latest hardware innovations, currently all domains are being hosted on dual pent II 400/450 mghz with 260 megs of ram. The operating system is a customized version of redhat with the renowned Apache web server.

  • How long is it before my domain is active?

    Once Nominet announces that your domain name has been registered (or transferred, if applicable), it usually takes about 72-hours before it is active. All Internet providers must update their records (DNS tables) to reflect the new site's location. You don't have to do anything - we take care of this for you.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    You can - we now have Merchant Status

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