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Online shopping offering all the latest DVD's
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Cetacea - the world's whales, dolphins and porpoises all on one site
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Debra Robson

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Speed CityThe latest and greatest search engine on the block :-SPEED CITY to The Haunted Isles... Here you can look at just some of the many haunted places known in Great Britain. From the famous Royal ghosts to the phantom hitch-hiker of Blue Bell Hill and the spectres of Roman soldiers, they're here... Dare you delve into the frightful history of the Haunted Isles?
Julian Graves OnlineJulian Graves Online Shopping track down the finest exotic fruits, nuts, beans, pulses, herbs and spices from around the globe and bring them to you packed in a No-Nonsense style, giving you the chance to taste international foods at sensible prices.
Gold, Diamonds and all jewellery related itemsChard - High quality jeweller - Blackpool
Blackpool Fun PagesBlackpool and the Fylde Coast Internet Magazine
The Best Hotels and Inns...The Best Hotels and Inns for 3 clicks
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Wood World Joinery
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Under ConstructionConservatory World
Under Construction

The FREEDOM COLLAR is believed to work in much the same way as copper bracelets that relieve similar symptoms of arthritis in human sufferers. It consists of a strap of fine copper wire woven into a soft band which fastens with a buckle around the dog's neck in the same way as a normal dog collar. Worn day and night, it can make a noticeable improvement in the dog's quality of movement in seven to fourteen days.

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As at 19th October 1999 we host over 300 websites and have registered over 4000 domain names since February 1999

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