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Beat the Y2K bug!!!


BVI Y2K for Kids

Happy Puppy

Click happy face to link."Y2K For Kids"
Click happy face for more information.

"Girl Scouts Y2K"
Click palm tree for more information from the official Girl Scout's Website

Click for more Information from

"CBC 4 Kids - The Millennium"
For further information from the CBC website, click on the running dinosaur.

For a visit to the CBC Kids Millennium Website


"FEMA for Kids - Y2K for Kids"
One of these two friends will take you to FEMA.  Can you find which one?

One of these friends is a link to FEMA!Its the other one!

"FEMA for Kids - What can you do?"
Visit this link through the
Millennium Jack-in-the-Box!

Click for further information

"Y2K Cartoons"
Catch up with the worm for a link to a great collection of Millennium cartoons.

Follow the Millennium worm for the link to the best cartoons!


"Test your systems yourself where possible, even if you have a Y2K Compliance certificate from a supplier/manufacturer."

Beat the Y2K Bug!!!

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