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I am very pleased to extend a warm welcome to the British Virgin Islands Y2K Web Site.  As Chairman of the National Y2K Steering Committee I have a keen interest in our Y2K readiness status and in letting the world know where we stand.

"The Government set up the Steering Committee last October to monitor all aspects of the readiness of this Territory to cope with the effects of the "millennium bug" and advise Government on policy measures.  With very wide public and private sector representation, the Committee meets monthly to assess progress and coordinate action.   Public education is a vital part of its task.  The Y2K Coordination Unit under Dawn Gibson, and this website, are most important tools in that effort."

"Glad to have you with us! Please e-mail your suggestions to the Coordination Unit."

Elton Georges
Deputy Governor,
Chairman of Y2K Steering Committee

Y2K Steering Committee

The Government of the BVI has recently initiated the Y2K Project. A Y2K Task Force was appointed earlier last year to represent local businesses and Government Ministries in flagging Y2K issues pertinent to the BVI. Earlier this year a Y2K Project Leader, Dawn Gibson, was appointed to coordinate the project and monitor the progress of the BVI towards Y2K compliance.

As part of the Y2K Project initiative, Government departments are being assessed for Y2K compliance. From this assessment action plans will be created to rectify any problems found. Also, Contingency Plans will be created for critical areas within the Government. The project will also be responsible for a Y2K Public Awareness campaign within Government Departments, to the general public, and to the world. This will be achieved through the media and through short seminars. The project also provides Y2K information and support to local businesses in the form of Y2K literature, a Help Desk facility and limited consultancy.

It is the responsibility of every company in the BVI to ensure their own Y2K compliance before the end of 1999. Information and advice can be obtained from the Y2K Project Leader, Chief Minister’s Office, or by e-mailing

This is one project where the completion date is absolute.

This Web Site has been created to inform the public of the efforts of the British Virgin Islands towards Y2K compliance. It also gives an update on progress throughout the Territory.

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Dawn Gibson
Y2K Project Leader

Y2K Meeting
Y2K Workshop for the BVI Media


Checking to see that the systems are compliant.
Testing the BVI High School for Y2K Compliance

Beat the Y2K Bug!!!

Y2K Project
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