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Y2K Stall at BVI Trade Show
29th - 30th October, 1999
Regional Y2K Contingency Planning Meeting - Mexico
29th October, 1999
Y2K Talk at Church of God Holiness
East End, Tortoloa
27th October, 1999
Y2K Workshop for Legislators
Legislative Council Offices
14th October, 1999
Y2K Talk at Methodist Church
Ladies Meeting - Road Town, Tortola
13th October, 1999
Y2K Workshop for the Media
Y2K Workshop for Church Officials
Y2K Talk at the Tortola Ladies Club
Y2K Talk at the Rotary Club of Tortola
Y2K Talk at the Rotary Club of Road Town
Y2K Seminar for Government Employees
Y2K Talk to Students of BVI High School
Y2K Presentation at Regional Meeting in Costa Rica
Y2K Presentation at Professional Teachers Day
Y2K Project Presentation at Miami Regional Y2K Journalist Seminar
(22 - 23 June 1999)
Y2K Project Presentation at Miami Regional Y2K Journalist Seminar
(24 - 25 June 1999)

The Y2K Project for the Government of the British Virgin Islands is carrying out an extensive Public Awareness campaign to the Territory of the BVI and to the whole world, in order to promote the Y2K preparedness of the BVI.  This campaign includes articles in the local newspapers, radio interviews and adverts, talks to local clubs and schools, training seminars, distribution of Y2K leaflets, press releases by the BVI Tourist Board, contact with the Gartner Group and US Department of State about progress in the BVI, upcoming presentations at the UN meeting of Y2K Coordinators in New York, a Journalists Seminar in Miami, and a web site.

It is hoped that the Public Awareness campaign will reassure the general public, tourists and investors in the BVI that the Y2K problem is being addressed throughout the Territory and life should hopefully continue as normal.  If not, contingency plans will be in place to cope with any eventuality, similar to the aftermath of a hurricane.

The BVI is experienced at coping with disaster scenarios after the hurricanes of the last few years. The infrastructure is set up to deal with any problems arising from disasters in an efficient manner. The Government, local companies, and many residents have existing disaster contingency plans in place which can easily be adapted for the Y2K scenario.   Therefore, any unexpected problems arising in the new Millennium should be taken in stride and dealt with efficiently.

During March 1999 the Y2K Project Leader and Assistant Secretary, Chief Minister’s Office attended a one week Y2K training seminar, in Trinidad & Tobago, organised for the Caribbean Region. As part of this training, information about creating a Y2K Public Awareness and Education Programme (PAEP) was given, presented by Anthony Bryan of the North South Centre, Miami University.

After hearing about the efforts of the British Virgin Islands towards their Y2K Public Awareness campaign Mr. Bryan sent the attached email.

From: "Bryan, Anthony T"
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 14:24:03 -0400

Lee Tablewski has passed on to me the results of your efforts on the Y2K PAEP for the BVI. Good show! I hope that some of the others who attended the workshop in T&T will also make an equally impressive showing .

Anthony T. Bryan, Ph.D.
Professor of International Relations Director,
Caribbean Studies Program
Dante B. Fascell
North South Center
University of Miami
Coral Gables,
FL. 33146



Beat the Y2K Bug!!!

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