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BVI Prepared to be Y2K Compliant
The Island Sun - Saturday 29th May 1999

The British Virgin Islands Government has a Y2K task force intact to represent local businesses and Government Ministries in flagging Y2k issues pertinent to the BVI.  A Y2K project coordinator, Ms Dawn Gibson has been appointed to coordinate the project, strictly monitor the progress towards Y2K compliance, and develop contingency plans for critical areas.  An assessment  of critical areas within the BVI. such as airport services, food supplies, electricity, water supply, medical facilities and emergency services is currently being carried out followed by contingency plan development.

"The BVI. is taking all necessary steps to achieve Y2K compliance.  We are prepared for and are accustomed to emergency situations such as hurricanes, and we always have contingency plans in effect," stated Ms. Dawn Gibson, Y2k Project Leader.  "Tourism is very important to the BVI. and we will be prepared to make our guests' celebration of the millennium enjoyable," stated Ms. Lennard, Acting Director of the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board.  "We are taking the necessary steps to create awareness among hoteliers and are providing support to businesses by providing a help desk to facilitate concerns."

Beef island airport located in the BVI. has confirmed that all of their equipment and air traffic facilities are Y2K compliant.  They have been working with the Federal Aviation Administration, FAA in Puerto Rico and Miami to establish a new telecommunications link between Beef Island Airport and San Juan to ensure that all equipment will be compliant.  A formal test will be performed this June.  Milton Creque, Director of Civil Aviation, stated the "Beef Island Airport is conscious of all problems that could occur at the turn of the century, we have taken steps and are prepared to ensure that our facilities will not impose a problem to any travelers."

A BVI Tourist Board press release noted that major food suppliers in Tortola are prepared.   Toad Town Wholesale, the largest BVI supplier has a Y2K program in place.   This includes an assessment of their storage capacity and equipment to ensure generators will be able to run refrigeration for 24 hours a day for 5 days if they lose power.  Road Town Wholesale has also begun developing contingency plans with their suppliers.

The same source went on to explain that the BVI Electricity Corporation also has a program in place.  They reportedly have tested all of their computer systems and equipment and all are Y2K compliant.  Manufacturers and suppliers  of all the equipment have been forwarding compliant statements, the BVI Tourist Board noted.  All water companies both private and public have been contacted in reference to Y2K compliance.   The majority of houses and hotels have cisterns where rain is stored and used.   These are not computerized, and therefore have no issues.

The same source disclosed that the hospital has contacted all suppliers of medical equipment to insure Y2K compliance.  They have also developed a contingency plan similar to their disaster plan.  The hospital has generators with fuel and water supplies for a week.  They have contacted pharmacies and medical suppliers to ensure that there will be an excess of supplies.  Emergency services in the BVI. such as 911; the police department and the fire department are not computerized, and therefore have no issues.

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