ok...Today is January 1st...Your still alive unfortunately. And now you have been k|owned yet again. another hoax lives on becoz the public is gullible and sucks all the bullshit lies and hoaxes into a little thing we call telecommunications. You've been had. You've been played. You've been deceived yet once again. why do ppl make hoaxes and shit??? MONEY. greedy motherfuckers are makin money off your stress and phjear. ppl get paid to make yu suffer...and yet yu try to convict little innocent script kiddies with capital punishment, yet these cyber-fuckin nerds are gettin paid to "correct" all your problems by every $$$ you pay them an hour. i'm against y2k and i'm against time itself. i may can not stop time, and i may can not stop history, yet alone the future. but i can speak. i can show the werld that poor hackers like acidklown are gettin shit while these cybernerds are leechin off yur pocket book. befriend a world of "happy" hackers" heh and stop harrassin us for pointing out yur security flaws. the truth is....YOU need US. without us, yur internet would be 0verfl0wed with pr0n and AOL m0f0s. its 5:30 am. happy y2k. i'm goin to bed. k\own luv to everyone. --- xhostile: the shit is in the mail and icq is fucked...be patient