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Our .. errm.... Demands?

Oh yes.. well.. errm.. GIMME PIZZA !@

Ah! and..

Stop hijacking your own planes and endangering the lives of your nationals !

Do you seriously think the world believes that the guys holding those passangers hostage have ANYTHING to do with the freedom fighters of Kashmir ??

Only countries with gays in their army "protecting" their nation by running in the other direction let their hijacked planes take off their soil !!

Let us share with you, something we came across recently :

With their current "anti Pakistan and their agencies" hysteria of the Indian media they want you to believe that every aspect of their life is infiltrated by ISI. Having thought about it carefully I came to the conclusion that yes maybe they are right. The following is an example of how an ordinary Indian's day is disrupted by ISI:

- He wakes up early in the morning and stumbles across the room to watch the sun rise, but there are clouds in the sky blocking his view. Obviously ISI are the culprits as they want him to feel depressed, so they sent clouds over India at sun rise.

- He than makes his way to the bathroom and starts shaving. What's this, his face gets cut by the blade. Surely ISI must have planted a rogue blade in his bathroom in order to make his life miserable early in the morning.

- Having survived two assaults by this terrorist organisation he leaves for work and asks his wife to lock all the doors and baricade herself in the house just in case there is an ISI agent around who might sneak into the house and sabotage it.

- He than discovers another nefarious plot by the notorious ISI --- all the public transport whether they be buses or trains are overflowing with commuters. Obviously these commuters are ISI plants to stop him from getting to his workplace and contributing to the welfare of his country.

- He reaches his workplace after a great effort and discovers that ISI has struck again. There is no elctricity and therfore he cannot carry out his duties. Another clever plot by ISI to sabotage his great nation.

- He staggers to lunch during the afternoon but feels drowsy after the meal. Wants to sleep instead of work. What did the ISI put in his food?

- On the way back he discovers that the commuter conspiracy is again at work.

- Finally he arrives home, his children give him their school report. What, they are not doing well at school. Realises that ISI has infiltrated the education system as well and now are out to destroy the education of the children by sending such reports to parents.

- Night falls, he goes to bed, hears a thump outside his bedroom, looks out of the bedroom window ----- ISI ----- life goes on.

shamlessly cut/pasted from a post somewhere on some message board.

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