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Happy 2000 you pathetic fools !!!

Pakistan OWNS !!

[ This defacement dedicated to all the Kashmiris senselessly MURDERED by the Indian Govt. over 50 years! ]

Is the Indian Govt. so desperately in need of fresh ideas that they had to resort to hijacking their own plane in order to find something to pin on Pakistan?

Are the Indian people so disillusioned that they think Kargil was a victory?

Does the Hindu "Baniya" seriously think he can get away with another Babri Mosque?

Does India really believe it can silence thousands of Kashmiris by murdering defenseless children and raping virtuous women ?

We are the :: [ m O s ] :: of the Borg, being an Indian is pathetic, you will be TERMINATED !@

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Oh and.. Vajpayee too :-)