Back in September of 98', The House approved of $250.5 billion to be spent in way of anti-missile defenses and pay raise for military personell. Why are we spending so much money on military defense, when there are homeless people right here in North America needing our help? While defense is important, do we really need to spend billions of dollars on equipment that is likely to be replaced/upgraded in a month, costing another couple of billion?
Why can't be put aside $1 billion, out of that $250.5 billion, for the homeless? 1 billion will go such a long way.

But of course the government won't unless we take a stand, until we object, until we say something. Otherwise they can go around spending money on whatever they want. And what they want is power. Installing military defenses and building fighter jets and so on... It's all just greed for power. Instead of saving people, we're killing more innocent people in foreign lands. Protecting one nation at the expense of another is the same as putting a price tag on someone's life, and that's what we're doing. Just because one country wages war on another country, doesn't mean you go around killing innocent people of that country.

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