Eastern Elementary/Middle School

We would like to welcome you to our school where our students' education makes a world of difference!


 Virginia's SOL Sites

Learn more about Virginia's SOLs here

A great place to check for teaching material on SOLs

Virginia Site for Educators

New link for 3rd Grade SOL's



 Watch for new links to be added here.

 3rd Grade SOL Science Test

 3rd Grade SOL History Test

 1999-2000 Class List

 SOL Resource Page

Items Needed for the 99-2000 School Year

 Spring SOL Results (unofficial)


 A new site for students.


 Accelerated Reader Books.






Eastern Elementary/Middle School

P.O. Box 569

Pembroke VA

Phone: 540-626-7281

Principal: Mr. Jack McCall

Enrollment: 532

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