Screw P4riah.

Why you might ask. Well, he defaced a site I previously defaced because I didn't patch up the holes in it. So he did it. Thank you smart ass P4riah. Did you password it? Did you give it to them? Or did you just delete the files so no one could enter the site through Frontpage? Wise P4riah. Ever stop to think that that might their only way in. Which means they'll have to reinstall Frontpage. Thank you P4riah. And making fun of my E-mail thing? Hell, I already messed their page, why mess with the rest of their site? If they don't know how I did it, they can E-mail me, and I'll mail em the details. I did it before. Examples include ropad.net (nice guy) and start.globalpac.com. Not to mention the fact that you didn't use to patch up the boxes you hit with your defacements. Remember firephotos.com?

Oh, and fix your English, I don't live in an English speaking country yet I can spell. BTW: Croatia rocks though.

Now I've just defaced a site over this stuff, so if you have something to say P4riah, you know where to find me. For now you're on my "cunt" list.

Oh, and Fuby, I know you want to show you're around, but trust me, you will not get respect for defacing and re-defacing sites to tell them they have a Frontpage problem, they already noticed that the first time. Go hack a site with something else. :)

Pr1sm, you're right. No reason. I'm not offended man. Everyone has a right to their views. But we can always make a deal: I put a reason in my defacements and no more Frontpage for me (except for this one, coz I just had to deface a .ni, I mean, that doesn't happen everyday), you make your defacements a bit better too. I mean, outsiders will have no clue whatsoever what's going on now. Fuby and P4riah stop re-defacing and pissing everyone off, all the third world one line and Spanish people make sure their defacements are in readable English or not there at all and lets set a rule that RDS isn't seen as a defacement and thus is to be ignored no matter how big the site is that got hit.




Admin: mail me and I'll tell you what's wrong

Defacers do out of love what most people won't even do for money.