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On Dec 6 '99, at 8 am Oktyabrskiy and Staropromislovskiy districts of Grozny, the capital
of the Chechen Republic, were shelled with special chemical bombs, which release
clouds of inflammable gas creating massive blasts that incinerate buildings and people.
37 people have died, more than 200 people were injured and wounded as the
result of this unhuman attack, forbidden by all possible International treaties.
The first victims were 47 years old Marat Irischanov and his 15 years old daughter
Zina. The number of victims is rising every minute.
There was unusual yellow light, that could be seen throughout the city after the
chemical attack by russians.
This is a war Putin and Yeltsin dare not lose. Huge resources have been deployed
- crack troops paid premium wages, high-tech equipment, total air and artillery
superiority to achieve a "bloodless" victory - bloodless for the Russian army. It is
the civilian population that is taking the heaviest casualties.
However the budget of Russian Federation is unable to sustain a long and
expensive high tech war in Chechnya. For Yeltsin and Putin the war is a desperate
gamble - a throw on which they are staking all. Key parliamentary and presidential
elections are looming. Putin, Boris Yeltsin's designated heir, hopes to guarantee
the succession by a total victory over the Chechens.
Russians are using barbaric weapons against civilians. Chechen cities (there are
only three of them) and villages are being completely destroyed. Chechen nation
faces the danger of being wiped out. In short, all relevant norms of
international law are being violated by Russia. More precisely, there is
genocide of Chechen nation.
Unwillingly, one will come to the conclusion that the law of jungle governs
Russian-Chechen relations and the West's attitude to them. Most ironic thing in
this is that just recently the West, including the UN talked so much about the
rights and freedoms of ethical minorities and upheld these rights in Kosovo and
Estern Timor. Almost all of us were made to believe that at least international
humanitarian law was superior to both the principle of sovereignty and the
principle of non-intervention in ‘domestic’ affairs of a sovereign state.
What is then so special about Chechens? Is a life of a Chechen child is somehow
less worthy than a life of a child of other nation? Or do Chechens love their
families, their women, their land, their beliefs less than other nations do?
It's time to stop russian invasion into a foreign state and stop russian atrocities!
It's time for the World Community to wake up! It's time to say to russians: "Ivan -
Domoi!", which can be translated as "Ivan - Go Home!".
If you are US resident, please write a letter to your Representative! You can also
e-mail or call members of the Congress. For the visitors from other respected
countries, please contact your local officials and urge them to use all political and
economical pressure on Russia.

"The wolf" is borz. This animal is
  respected among Chechens, which is a symbol of freedom
  and independence for them.

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