p4riah was here

This hack is meant for people to learn and be aware of security...nothing else..Security is very important fact. During this hack I didnt destroy any data and I fix your security problem (if possible). I leave you your original page (original.htm) and take main page for my messages, so dont get mad at me, just think about your security next time.....

message: yet another box with weak security and bad administration. Ok i know that some unknown servers cant have good security. This is obviously, but when I saw this :))) i need exactly 53.sec. to break in to this box :P ...isn't that ironic or what?

some words here: Do you phear? I mean laical. Cause when you look on "scene" some new good doodz come to help and old groups is back. To finish what they start. FBI cant stop them....why? Cause this is a war of knowledge and wisedom. War that they (FBI and other phear organisations) cannot win and nobody can help them.......only the same as we are and who wont do this?.... gonna tell you: NO ONE


 This ppl & groups get some respect from me: sarin(mail me here ), v00d00 , r.f.p., wrLiner, kryptek, Kalyan(greetings), Pakistan HC, gH(r.i.p :) keebler elves, F0rpaxe, Bl0w Team, Team spl0it all Attrition stuff (they deserve realy big respect cause they work realy big non-profite job ;) and some of Croatian hackers (ppl you know who you are)