What can I say? Another lame box owned by hV2k. Now, I know what yer thinking, RDS again? nope, not this time.. :), but we did own this lame BSDi domain.. God, I don't know whats funner owning *nix boxes or playing with the government's NT systems.. hEh.

 Anyway, lets get to the point, I read the following on www.cnn.com and I must say, the Russian Government really sucks, so expect some *.ru defacements soon, hopefully Government ones.

 Russia says it has moved enough military equipment into the area around Grozny (Chechnya Capital) to level the city into the damn ground, a threat that has brought a fresh wave of refugees streaming from the city in fear of being killed by the Russian's. But not everyone has the means or the strength to make it out, alive. There are some reports that there may be tens of thousands of people still left in Grozny, as many as 45,000 people, many too old, too young, too afraid or too sick to escape the capital.

 Russia says it has opened a safe corridor out of Grozny for people to escape from, but with tons bombs still falling, the safety of that escape route is very uncertain.

God damnit, the Russia government is acting like fucking gimps, they are still denying mass killings of innocent people and other shit like that. They must be stopped, soon.

Die Yeltsin Die, you old bastard.

  Greets to: v00d00 (much respect), Sarin, PHC, Bleeding Angel and Darkness.