xhostile & acidklown m4kiN d4 sCriPtz anD chEkin dEm tWiCe...;)

Honduras = 0wNeReD yah. i wish i lived in a 3rd werld country. i could get head for like 2 cents and beer for 3. They also gots alotta goats up in der too. yum yum.

utta shYt ::

Seasons greetings kiddiez. Santa cl0z will be cummin all over yur town, while mrs cl0z will be gettin 0ff 0n tHe NorTh P0le..unF. And all i can say is that i've been gEwD all year so maybe i'll g3t an elF or somethin for christmas that i can have my way with. Elfs are kewl...especially the ones wit' the pointed ears. hell, thats even better than goat An0rz. anywayz, kris kringleberry, yu b3sT0r g1v3 uz sUm m4d spl0175 t0015 0r s0mt4n c0z...if w3 d0n'7 g37 aNYtHiN, th3n all y0 reindeer will be walkin funny for a few w33kz. s0, s4nT4...gibus 0uR 3lv3s 4nD d4t n3w r3db0x0r crYst4l i 4m w4iTin 0n....1n tHe m3333n tYm3..w3 be 0wNin da' .polez @#@!@#@%@!$

k|0wN luV


opt1k, ytcracker, secto0r, Biofreak, fuqrag, m1crochip/f0rpaxe, bLaCkWinD, rewted, phumpy, zero33, DragonSpyre, Reb, zenomorph, DaP, and his bad aSs kReW sSh on #sesame, ieet, eqiz, kastr0, IL, Jouser, Tophat, kM, Encrypted Data, Zyklon :(, Silicon Toad, network weakness, Redemption, PhiBeR, tHe Un1XxXx b0w1iNg T34m (fuqin k1nGp1nz), b-luv, p4ttr1x, 4nd a11 tHe aTtRitIon.OrG jUnk13z ;).

Madass, fierce, motherfucking, hard, strong, fast and furious, SMACK across the bitchass cheek to k0ldkutta, the lamest, gayest, dumbest anklebit0r on Prodigy. *SMACK*


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[Can't get enuff of dis pic --^]

dUh..Gee George. CaN i TeNd dA wAbbitS!!@!$!?