xhostile & acidklown, back again.

Yes yes, back again. Still pistol whipping k0ldkutta's Mama across the lips. Still auditing the net's security free of charge. Still looking at goat pr0n. Word the fuck up!

Sup pplz. Fuck all you bitchez who assume we use rds coz yur wrong out the ass ;). all those fuknutz can b0unc3 oN my baL0neY P0ny...unF unf. alotta pplz ask me how i spent my thnxgiving...and here is what happened just to set the record straight:

Uneek Tech invited me 0ver to their house and when i got there some unusal and traumatic and perverted and disgraceful actions occured...first, we sat down to the table for some appetizers and k0ldkutta kut the cheeze wit' his k0ld k-pHaT AsSh0Le. Then he brought out some of his granny's good ol' Caesar salad that he tossed for a very strange and 'exotic' amount of time. finally.. we were on to the main course...the turkey!! Now, oddly enuff, the whole Uneek Tech krew all joined in to stuff that TURKEY. i was shocked at the profanity that these Un33k haX0rz promoted. i asked them why they kept stuffin there granny's turkey, and they said "c0z d1s eRw33t ol' viXeN NeeDz sUm m0 pU-tAnG." i was like.. "wtf?"??? then they brought out some macaroni. 3l3ctr0n kept playin with his n00dle and kept gettin cheeze all over the place. then they started rotating on der daddy's werld famous Country-Style Sausage. and i don't even wanna mention where they got the korn... but i will tell yu that it was still on the fuckin kob yum yum! i was totally disgusted by this shit. i quickly retreated from that fukin hellhole and went home and whacked to g0at pr0n and ate some cap'n crunch and s0me chef boyared33 ravioli shit. i wish my fuckin cap'n crunch whistle still werked coz then i'd be bloob0xen s0mE m0 phree fone seX0r wit Latisha (k0ldkutta's biologikal mummy). well, anyways, that was how i spent most of my shitty thnxgivin. it could've been werse tho, i guess. b0z0 could've shown up....k|own luv to everyone.

Prawpz to opt1k, ytcracker, secto0r, Biofreak, fuqrag, m1crochip/f0rpaxe, bLaCkWinD, rewted, phumpy, zero33, DragonSpyre, Reb, zenomorph, DaP, and his bad aSs kReW sSh on #sesame, eqiz, kastr0, IL, Jouser, Tophat, kM, Encrypted Data, Zyklon :(, Silicon Toad, network weakness, Redemption, PhiBeR, n0deXer0... bleah

Madass, fierce, motherfucking, hard, strong, fast and furious, SMACK across the bitchass cheek to k0ldkutta, the lamest, gayest, dumbest anklebit0r on Prodigy. *SMACK*


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[opt1k's lubba --^]

damn...dis bitch ruined my fuckin thnxgibbin. i couldn't tell if i g0t her pregnant again 0r if sh3 jusT accidentally ate her bite-sized b0yt0y 0ptik.

d0es MeaGAn MaKe j00 h4rD?