xhostile & acidklown, back again.

Yes yes, back again. Still pistol whipping k0ldkutta's Mama across the lips. Still auditing the net's security free of charge. Still looking at goat pr0n. Word the fuck up!

First off, Principal acidklown would like all the pret33n 13 yr old trainer bra bitzaches to be gEWD...why? becoz i'm a pervert. i'm the type of person the "good ol' U.S. of m0fukin A." hires to teach yur little precious children. Thats right. So, if any of yu bitches misbehave, i'm gonna have to spank y0 ass. heh. first they get janet reno runnin the fuckin government...and now they g0tz assidk|own and his bro xhostile runnin the skool system! tee hee hee...y0...also, all you hoes needta check out dis interview with some k-w4d pplz that deserve m4d respect.

Prawpz to opt1k, ytcracker, Biofreak, fuqrag, m1crochip/f0rpaxe, bLaCkWinD, rewted, phumpy, zero33, DragonSpyre, Reb, zeno, DaP, and his bad aSs kReW sSh on #sesame, eqiz, IL, Jouser, Tophat, kM, Encrypted Data, Zyklon :(, Silicon Toad, network weakness, Redemption, PhiBeR... bleah

Madass, fierce, motherfucking, hard, strong, fast and furious, SMACK across the bitchass cheek to k0ldkutta, the lamest, gayest, dumbest anklebit0r on Prodigy. *SMACK*


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Latisha [k0ldkutta's Mom] --^

minutes after this picture was taken and all the whip cream sucked down, Latisha viciously charged us out of the motel

do not approach this creature without a weapon