[welcome to ytcracker labs][11.28.99]


representing honda for christina aguilera once again. ;)

ytcracker shying away from the RDS momentarily because people make fun of me and i cry easily ;).

anyway, as you know, i've been getting a lot of media exposure lately for things that you and i both know arent necessarily worthy. i would like to give respect to those who understand who i am and why i'm doing this. <3.

i hope everyone had a safe and eventful thanksgiving weekend. i did. greetings to all the family that came out to see us and eat food.

to the honda corporation: you know i love you. re% universal elements. we won't forget the POWs.

shouts: seven one nine[ill pulse tap ks], ieet, dap, secto0r, fuqrag, sistom, sys_v, and the rest of the #sesame krew, deezul, shamrock, attrition, and www.hack.co.za.

disses go out to: elyn for not re%in old parse - SHAMROCK is the bomb forevah.


securing the country 1999.
admin: peep bugtraq in regards to AMD - it is not your fault.
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