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The Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) was established

by the Broadcasting Services Act 1992, and began operations

on 5 October 1992. The Act defines the role of the regulatory

authority, gives the ABA a range of powers and functions, and

sets out explicit policy objectives. The objectives include the

desirability of program diversity, limits on concentration of

ownership and foreign control of the mass media and the need

for media to help foster an Australian cultural identity, report

news fairly and respect community standards. The ABA consists

of a Chairperson, Professor David Flint, a Deputy Chairperson,

Mr Gareth Grainger, and four members, Mr Michael Gordon-

Smith, Ms Kerrie Henderson, Mr John Rimmer and Mr Ian

Robertson. There is also an associate member, Dr Robert Horton.

The ABA has offices in Sydney and

Canberra. At 30 June 1997, it had 159 staff, 106 in Sydney

and 53 in Canberra.

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